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Goodnight Blue Moon Release New Album Dawning Dream: Stream

Goodnight Blue Moon - Dawning Dream (2018)
Goodnight Blue Moon – Dawning Dream (2018)

CT seven-piece Goodnight Blue Moon have recently released their latest offering of contemporary Americana, steeped with sincerity and reverence to traditional roots. A rich array of string instruments and cleverly arranged vocals find the group’s third studio album to be their most meticulous yet.

With such a large cast of members, “grand” is an unavoidable word, invoking impressive productions like The Decemberists’ What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World, Anais Mitchell’s Hadestown, and Bright Eyes’ Cassadaga.

Painted with cherry-black strings, lemon-yellow lap steel, and a rustic palette of traditional sounds, Dawning Dream is a record with clear direction, filled with as many feel-good moments as those of contemplation.

Goodnight Blue Moon will be playing The Acoustic in Bridgeport on June 16th. Event page here.

Listen to Dawning Dream by Goodnight Blue Moon below:

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