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Now Streaming: Pearl Sugar – Alright EP (2018)

Pearl Sugar - Alright EP (2018)
Pearl Sugar – Alright EP (2018)

Hartford, CT musician Chris Bugnacki writes and records synth pop music under the name Pearl Sugar.  According to Bugnacki, Pearl Sugar is “heavily influenced by bands like Porches, Blood Orange, Kate Bush, and any music that uses a Yamaha DX7 or Juno 106.”

Pearl Sugar has shared his debut EP, titled Alright, a collaborative release with West Hartford’s Funnybone Records. It is available for streaming and purchase at Pearl Sugar’s Bandcamp.

The Alright EP is a pleasant collection of minimal, mellow, and melancholic synth pop. On songs like it’s title track and “Lock You Up”, Bugnacki wears a fragile heart on his sleeve, breathily channeling these solemn reflections into something soothing and meditative. The sparseness of the arrangements allow the songs room to breath and give the occasional harmonic embellishments more emotional impact. It is a subtle and promising release from a new Hartford artist.

Listen to the Alright EP by Pearl Sugar below:

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