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Now Streaming: Angélica Padua – Two of Them EP (2018)

Angélica Padua - Two of Them EP (2018)
Angélica Padua – Two of Them EP (2018)

Angélica Padua is a queer Puerto Rican student at University of Hartford that performs in CT indie rock bands Boy Blunder and Two Headed Girl, as well as writes and records lo-fi indie songs under her own name.

Today, we are premiering Angélica’s new music, a two song collection of guitar driven downers, “Broke My Own” and “Make Me Feel Empty.” These two songs are sparse and isolated in their arrangements and emotion, relying purely on Padua’s vocal catharsis and light drum accents when each chorus kicks in.

Listen to Two of Them by Angélica Padua below:

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