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Mercy Choir Releases New EP More Than Ever, Plays Best Video Tonight

Mercy Choir - More Than Ever (2018)
Mercy Choir – More Than Ever (2018)

New Haven folk rock act Mercy Choir is the musical outlet of singer-songwriter Paul Belbusti and a revolving door of eclectic musical collaborators.

Since the inception of his project in the mid-2000s, Belbusti has been exceptionally prolific with his main act (never mind his work as one-half of the experimental group Rivener), releasing at least eight albums that dabble in various genres like Americana, baroque pop, and lo-fi experimentation.

Continuing with this prolific streak, Mercy Choir have shared their newest bit of music, the More Than Ever EP.

Recorded with a new cast of collaborators than those on 2017’s baroque Like a Fountain Stirred and minimalist Fair Games, More Than Ever is one of Mercy Choir’s more diverse sounding releases, featuring sunshine filled pop, brooding slow burners, and literary garage lo-fi.

Mercy Choir will be playing their release show at Best Video tonight. Event page here.

Listen to More Than Ever by Mercy Choir below:

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