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Des Millions Release Debut Record Power: Stream

Des Millions - Power (2018)
Des Millions – Power (2018)

NYC’s Des Millions is the pop-oriented music project led by Red Johansen and Jimmy Montague, who are “committed to the daydream of falling in love, having billions of dollars in order to arrive to music gigs in pink diamond studded helicopters, and happen to write songs dedicated to the One who stole your heart from the start.”

On their debut record POWER, Des Millions live just as lavishly with their music as they do their money. Songs like opener “Rooftop Hellicopter Pad Escape Soirée” and first single “Lethal” are luxurious in pop hooks, crunchy power chords, and dashingly debonair synth pads.

When the band is not flying in their private jetcopter, they offer a few songs at slower speeds. “Sensitive” and “Lavender Cordial” are welcome breathers that allow an appreciation for the band’s emotional nuance, supplementary arrangements, and taste in champagne.

Cruising at a solid minute and a half per tune, these songs can only offer us mere listeners a glimpse at their incredible fast-living high-life that we will never have.

Listen to POWER by Des Millions below:


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