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Mild Monk Share New Single, Playing WHUS UCONN’s Spring Fling

Mild Monk - Bittersweet Pie (2018)
Mild Monk – Bittersweet Pie (2018)

CT chill-psych-rock outfit Mild Monk show off their pensive side on new single, “Bittersweet Pie”, where warm and wavering synths ebb against tropical acoustic guitar lines and digital clarinets float above leisurely and birdlike.

Forlorn yet smiling, frontman Henry Stein stands on the deserted island he’s built and issues an indefinite goodbye to someone or something, leaving him to ponder a newfound solitude. Cognitive dissonance is apparent in his voice, which accentuates Stein’s ability to craft an evocative dichotomy between his music and lyrics.

All parts were recorded by Stein himself, a first taste of new material since last May’s full length Love.

Mild Monk will be opening WHUS Radio’s Spring Fling at UCONN. Event page here.

Listen to “Bittersweet Pie” by Mild Monk below:

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