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Tall Tale Release Debut EP So Long: The Prelude

Tall Tale - So Long: The Prelude (2018)
Tall Tale – So Long: The Prelude (2018)

Lower Valley CT rock outfit Tall Tale is the new project of three-fourths of the now defunct swing-punk band Rusty Things.

The band has just put out its debut EP, So Long: The Prelude, and will be performing its release show at Three Sheets in New Haven tonight. (Event page here.)

So Long: The Prelude very much follows in the steps of Tall Tale’s predecessor band, infusing singer/guitarist Alex Murowsky’s verbose folk-punk storytelling with danceable rhythms and gritty distortion. That being said, Tall Tale’s music is slightly more elaborate, expanding their lean rock template by dabbling with more effects and longer song structures.

Listen to So Long: The Prelude by Tall Tale below:

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