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Now Streaming: Snowpiler – Tape I (2018)

Snowpiler - Tape I (2018)
Snowpiler – Tape I (2018)

Monroe, CT indie rock band Snowpiler is the mellow math rock project of Nick Restivo (also of the energetic math rock band Ourselves, Alone), Tim Marzik, and Mike Held.

The band’s first release is a short EP titled Tape I, a low key duo of songs that pairs that trademark math rock proficiency with a sparse and sleepier vocal from Restivo at a welcome lessened intensity.

Snowpiler will be playing 3/2 at Overshores Brewery in East Haven (event here) and 3/4 at MAC Gallery in Middletown (event here). Cassettes of Tape I will be made available at the Middletown show.

Listen to Tape I by Snowpiler below:

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