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Now Streaming: Ice Cream Orphan – I Have Athletes In My Closet (2018)

Cam Pulaski - I Have Athletes In My Closet (2018)
Cam Pulaski – I Have Athletes In My Closet (2018)

CT / MA indie rock wunderkind Cam Pulaski is becoming an increasingly prolific musician in the past year or so, putting out music between their Ice Cream Orphan project as well as working with other CT bands (the now defunct) Boy Blunder and Two Headed Girl.

Earlier this year, Pulaski has issued their first solo EP, I Have Athletes In My Closet, a catchy slice of queer, post-adolescent, and grungy power pop tunes in the spirit of their other work. However, perhaps considering that Ice Cream Orphan is essentially a Pulaski solo project as well, they have decided to reissue the EP under the Ice Cream Orphan moniker.

Stream it above and below:

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