Now Streaming: Mantis – Mantis I (2018)

Mantis - Mantis I (2018)
Mantis – Mantis I (2018)

Bloomfield, CT indie rock five-piece Mantis is the shimmery, mellow guitar pop project of Daniel Carr, Clara Huebenthal, Matt Venora, Zach Forlenza-Bailey, and Mitch Britton.

Earlier this winter, the band put out their promising first single “I Know Ya.” Now, the band has followed up with their equally promising debut EP, Mantis I (released via CT based label Funnybone Records).  A solid introduction to the band’s particular brand of indie rock, Mantis’ first release features subtly intricate guitar work, a plethora of affected vocal harmonies, and heavily playful summer vibes.

While the band generously shows off their instrumental chops between their pop sensibilities, perhaps the one of the most appealing aspects of this music is the nuanced approach to it’s effects. Not merely as simple as just adding more reverb—the blend of singing from every band member, the balance of conventional songwriting with instrumental jams, and the attention to detail over its short run time makes the whole of this EP greater than the sum of its parts.

Listen to Mantis I by Mantis below:


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