Xavier Serrano Drops 3 Acoustic EPs in 2 Months: Stream

Xavier Serrano
Xavier Serrano – Dire Straits (2018)

It has been a busy year for New Haven singer-songwriter Xavier Serrano. Earlier last year, he and his main band Kindred Queer released the excellent Child EP. Now, he has been quickly following up that EP with a series of solo releases of his own: Pierpont St. Ad Libs, Sketches for Cernunnosand Dire Straits.

While the new EPs run very much on the same frequency as Child, they are more obviously a solo outing. Instead of weaving the numerous chamber pop arrangements around Serrano’s songs (as KQ utilizes), these songs benefit from their simplicity, resonating between Serrano’s smooth vocal catharsis and acoustic guitar pickings. Now liberated from speaking as the voice of a five-piece, Serrano’s steps away from the cryptic narrative of previous work to speak his mind more freely–with perhaps more interesting lyrical results.

Listen to the most recent EP, Dire Straits, below:

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