Now Streaming: Ourselves, Alone – “Stiff Jazz” (2018)

Ourselves, Alone - "Stiff Jazz" (2018)

New Haven math-rock band Ourselves, Alone makes highly formidable and heavily intricate guitar music that strides between both punk energetics and post-rock atmospherics.

Earlier this week, the trio has shared a new song, “Stiff Jazz”, via a new feature in the Hartford Courant. It is now available for streaming (and purchase) via Bandcamp. Check it out above and below.

“Stiff Jazz” will be on Ourselves, Alone’s upcoming album Elusive Firsts, due later this year. It is band’s first bit of new music since 2016’s COVET EP.

Ourselves, Alone will be playing The ATC in Woodbridge, CT with Perennial and Carlos Danger on February 2nd. Event page here.

Listen to “Stiff Jazz” by Ourselves, Alone below:

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