On Repeat: Vern Matz – Vern Matz EP (2018)

Vern Matz - Vern Matz EP (2018)

Vern Matz, the Yale indie-folk trio of Danny Belgrad, Michael Lituchy and Noah Silvestry, have released their self-titled debut for streaming on Soundcloud. Stream it above and below.

Delivering on the promise of early single “Trampolines“, Vern Matz’ new EP is a lush collection of relaxed and warmly textured indie-folk tunes. Delving into a mid-00s acoustic songwriting style with a slight pop sensibility, the trio integrates pristine guitar pickings, gentle piano accents, and washes of sun-soaked ambience around Danny Belgrad’s weary introspections that resonate as both beachy and cosmic.

Belgrad, who commented that this first EP is very much a “coming of age” record, often finds his way around memorable one liners that both sound poignant but simultaneously comforting. Maintaining this tone from opener “Earthboy” to closer “Iceboy”, there is unmistakably an underlying need for consoling the figures that find themselves caught in the same youthful transition.

Listen to the Vern Matz EP below:

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