Now Streaming: Pocket Vinyl – Uncomfortably Unsure (2018)

Pocket Vinyl - Uncomfortably Unsure (2018)
Pocket Vinyl – Uncomfortably Unsure (2018)

New London, CT piano rock duo Pocket Vinyl have officially released their new album Uncomfortably Unsure for streaming and purchase via Bandcamp.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Pocket Vinyl singer-songwriter Eric Stevenson comments on the themes of the album:

On January 19 2018, we’re releasing a new album called “Uncomfortably Unsure”. It’s a non-sexy album about sex. These are not songs to put you in the mood. These are songs that try to unpack and examine the shortcomings one has surrounding sex in all it’s definitions. I was told that it’s not polite or proper to talk about these things. Well I want to talk about them.

This album has been 2-3 years in the making, yet it dovetails perfectly with the global conversation we all seem to be having right now: from the sexual allegations we hear daily about politicians and celebrities, to the growing use of Viagra among those under 25 years old, to the increasing polarization of the word “feminism”, to the public rise of non-gender-conforming individuals, etc. It is clear that as a society, we have some kind of sexual misunderstanding amongst each other. This new album is our small contribution to this continuing cultural conversation.

Last year, Pocket Vinyl toured to promote their Drive. Play. Sleep. documentary about the band’s life on the road.

Uncomfortably Unsure is Pocket Vinyl’s first album since 2015’s Tin.

Listen to Uncomfortably Unsure by Pocket Vinyl below:



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