On Repeat: Dave Otto – Deep Clean (2018)

Dave Otto - Deep Clean (2018)
Dave Otto – Deep Clean (2018)

CT / Philly indie rock songwriter Dave Otto has been slowly building an impressive musical resume over the past few years, playing in various bands such as Slam Donahue and Motel TV, and contributing various bits of music for commercials. Developing on those projects, Otto has continued steadily honing his craft over a series of solo releases.  Earlier this winter, he dropped his solo debut full length Deep Clean.

Like any of his previous fronted efforts, Deep Clean is carried by Otto’s characteristically breathy tenor and subtle pop-sensibility. While earlier projects like Slam Donahue and Motel TV found Otto in more of a brash garage rocker mode, Deep Clean is more of an armchair record, a pleasant pause of breezy, mid-volume, mid-tempo numbers.

That being said, the album is anything but middling.  Opening with a one-two-three punch, “Celebrate The Band” kicks off the record with the same distorted crunch found in Otto’s earlier highlights, “Motel TV” (a very clear homage to his disbanded group) and “Grey Song” are decorated with warm acoustic strums and gorgeous vocal harmonies. Even as the album remains focused in a general aesthetic, contributions from friends such as drummer Isaac Civitello help diversify and invigorate songs like “Black Skies” and “Body Snatchers” with memorable percussive accents.

Listen to Deep Clean by Dave Otto below:

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