Premiere: Fat Randy – Reggaenomics (2017)

Fat Randy - Reggaenomics (2017)
Fat Randy – Reggaenomics (2017)

Today, we are sharing the new album from “Connecticut’s worst band”, the Mansfield, CT based rock and roll act Fat Randy.

Consistent with the band’s previous aesthetic decisions of batshit questionable taste, it is titled, *ahem* Reggaenomics

Despite the band’s self-appointed title as the very worst in CT, the album is actually quite… not terrible.

From it’s very first seconds, Reggaenomics is willful clusterfuck of ideas filtered through one questionably operational filter, a pop-up freak show that frequently veers through wide variety of different rock and roll sensibilities, pseudo-political phrasings, and inside jokes that scrape the bottom of the barrel again and again.

Fortunately, the band never promises to be anything else. “I’m Looking Forward” toys with a pop sensibility the same way it toys with vice over virtue, hinting that the future in question will never actually come. As if to erase any doubt, early single “Hot Dog Bath” crashes out the gates on fours, bringing some punk into the mix. Most often, the album sits at a chugging mid tempo that sits in some bizarro world between the garage and the garage on Saturn’s rings.

Throughout all of it, vocalist Stephen Friedland serves as the album’s unrestrained id, cutting through the album’s musical sludge with its figurative sludge. Like a color commentator with a megaphone, Friedland croons, yelps, and shrieks in the nooks and crannies of the empty space and riffage.

Somehow it all works. Like its pretty dope album art, the whole piece comes off less like a juvenile (okay still somewhat juvenile) form of musical humor, and more like an unrepressed psyche of low-brow suburban surrealism. To the band’s credit, there is a refreshing musical playfulness found in Fat Randy’s gut that could sometimes be absent in more high-brow musical endeavors.

Listen to Reggaenomics by Fat Randy below:

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