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Now Streaming: Pageant Dove – Pageant Dove EP (2017)

Pageant Dove - Pageant Dove EP (2017)
Pageant Dove – Pageant Dove EP (2017)

Pageant Dove is the acoustic indie pop project of Stamford, CT singer-songwriter Elizabeth Trojanowski and friends. Earlier this year, Pageant Dove released their self-titled debut EP, a short but sweet collection of four song sketches that feel both familiar but also uniquely reflective of Trojanowski’s nuanced songwriting.

Despite it’s (very) short duration of 9 minutes, the Pageant Dove’s first run is substantial, often expanding its acoustic guitar progressions with light keys, warm strings, and just enough rhythm to make the music something you could dance to while still relaxing with a cup of coffee. Trojanowski is a particularly pleasant vocalist, enlivening the instrumentation with subtle shifts in verse and narrative.

“Still Water” has been added to the CT Scramble 2017 Indie Playlist.

Listen to the Pageant Dove EP by Pageant Dove below:


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