Donnie Alexzander Issue Self-Titled Debut EP

Donnie Alexzander - S/T (2017)
Donnie Alexzander – S/T (2017)

Donnie Alexzander is the Hartford-based grunge project of Matt Merton. Their self-titled debut, recently released physically, showcases four slow-burning laments.

There is a timely lo-fi haunt to this EP, welcomed as the season turns stone cold. Biting guitars and a gothic cathedral ambience cloak Donnie Alexzander’s densely dark instrumental palette. Meandering between desperation and catharsis, Merton likely performs these fervent tracks with a sinister grin.

Recently, Merton joined Short Month on bass. They released Two Weeks & A Bit this past May.

Listen to Donnie Alexzander’s self-titled EP below:

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