New Haven Bands Cover New Order, Slint for Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

Albany based cassette label Bee Side Cassettes has released a digital compilation of 22 bands covering songs by some of their favorite artists.

This compilation, titled Juicyfruit™️ Presents: Music: the 21 Best Songs Used in Cinema History contains two contributions from New Haven’s very own Bilge Rat and Reduction Plan.

Both covers couldn’t be more appropriate for each band: Bilge Rat takes on “Good Morning Captain”, the closer of Slint’s 1991 seminal release Spiderland, and Reduction Plan goes for New Order’s gloomy classic “Blue Monday.”

While it’s no surprise that both these bands could perform the work of their early influences, they both really hit it out of the park with these ones.

All proceeds of the online compilation will go to Unidos Por Puerto Rico.

Listen to Juicyfruit Presents: Music: the 21 Best Songs Used in Cinema History below.