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On Repeat: Videodome – Nocturnal Omissions (2017)

Videodome - Nocturnal Omissions (2017)
Videodome – Nocturnal Omissions (2017)

Videodome is a new New Haven noise rock band made up of previous members of Heavy Breath and Warm.  Yesterday, the group shared it’s first release, Nocturnal Omissions via Bandcamp.

Nocturnal Omissions is a rousing debut of hectic and dynamic noise rock, filled with aggressive mini-metalisms and kinetic chemistry as it unfolds from one riff to the next. In addition, the band elevates it’s formidable rock songs with slight tweaks of tone, effects, and an occasional synth. On top of all the chaos, singer Rebecca Kaplan delivers a commanding performance, rotating between a stadium sized wail and a spectral deity.

Videodome will be playing it’s first live show at Sessions Clock Studios in Bristol. Event page here.

Listen to Nocturnal Omissions below:

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