New, Weird, CT: Berry Farm Polar Wave – Self-Titled (2017)

Berry Farm Polar Wave - Self-Titled (2017)
Berry Farm Polar Wave – Self-Titled (2017)

Berry Farm Polar Wave is the experimental bedroom pop project of Southbury, CT native Jack Potz (that’s pronnounced Potes, if you’re interested). His newest release Berry Farm Polar Wave is the latest (and apparently his last under the name) of many lo-fi works that have been released though Potz’ “faux label” Berry Farm Crops.

Berry Farm Polar Wave is wild and loose collection of lo-fi: there are full songs, half-songs, textual experimentation, and a few covers.  Despite its sprawling mix of color and styles, it somehow avoids blending into ugliness from too many colors and styles, and comes off more as a promising monolith for future projects from Potz.

While the project is decidedly of Potz’ making, it does feature many tangible contributions from friends that helps make the music feel more physical and friendly.

Listen to Berry Farm Polar Wave by Berry Farm Polar Wave below:

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