Now Streaming: Basement Signal – Old Ruin, A Newman (2017)

Basement Signals - Old Ruin, A Newman (2017)

New Haven lo-fi indie rock band Basement Signal is made up of Michael Norton and Mike Cotter.

Earlier this fall, the duo released their first EP, Old Ruin, A Newman for streaming via Bandcamp.

Bolstered by sturdy and characteristic songwriting, Old Ruin, A Newman, is a pleasant and breezy batch of basement rock songs. From the airy and meditative room sound of “Hovering” to the lo-fi Americana crunch of “Diana & Maya” to the electronic slacker rap of closer “For The Fans”, the album benefits from subtle but versatile production techniques and slight tweaks in genre styles.

We have added “Hovering” to the CT Scramble 2017 Indie Rock Spotify Playlist.

Listen to Old Ruin, A Newman by Basement Signal below:

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