Recommended Listening: Brundlefly & The Swede – Pretense (2017)

Brundlefly & The Swede - Pretense (2017)

Every once and a while, we come across something that totally surprises us, and the new release, Pretense, by CT expatriates Brundlefly & The Swede is one of them.

To those unfamiliar with the group, according to the band’s Facebook Page: “Brundlefly and the Swede is the haphazardly chosen moniker of Jason Socci and Matthew Kohnle, both alumni of the long defunct Connecticut instrumental band Daybed.”

Pretense is is a sprawling and eclectic blend of prog, punk, and pop sensibilities.  From it’s 18 minute title track to the rest of it’s 40 minute run time, the band flies through movements of different genre sensibilities like multi-colored splatter paint over a gorgeous painting.  Among it’s melodies and ever shifting rhythms the band employs innumerable tones and ideas that would be unlikely to work in less formidable hands, but B&tS manage to piece together traditional rock tones with vocoder heavy synth, exotic brass, and swooning strings at every new twist and turn. Highly recommended.

Listen to Pretense by Brundlefly & The Swede below:

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