Release Recap: 12 (Relatively) Recent CT Indie Releases Now Streaming

With so much good new music coming out of CT this year, it’s hard to keep track of it all the time, never mind find the time to listen to it.  Following our earlier feature on new CT indie music that has come out in the Spring, we have shared a few releases that have caught our collective ear in the past few months.  Check it out below:

1. Jelani Sei – LVNDR TWN EP (Alternative; Future Soul; R&B)


2. Cheem – Downhill (Emo; Indie Rock; Pop-Punk)


3. FigurineView From Inside (Acoustic; Singer-Songwriter; Alternative)


4. Harry Streaker – Volumes (Alternative; Pop Rock; Goth)


5. Headroom – Head In The Clouds (Alternative; Noise; Shoegaze; Lo-Fi)


6. Broca’s Area – See The Light (Alternative; Future Soul; R&B; Jazz)


7. Laundry Day – It’s Cool, It’s Whatever (Indie Rock; Garage; Slacker)


8. Mission Zero – Easy Tiger (Alternative; Indie Pop; Electronic)


9. Lea – Lea Is Here (Indie Rock; Garage; Fuzz)


10. Pale Space – Pale Space EP (Indie Rock; Alternative)


11. Perennial – The Symmetry of the Autumn Leaves (Punk; Post-Hardcore)


12. Queen Moo – Mean Well (Indie Rock; Jazz Rock; Rock n Roll)


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