Elm City Psych Rock Headroom Shares Noisy New Album ‘Head In The Clouds’


Elm City psych rock band Headroom have shared their noisy new album Head In The Clouds.  Featuring only five songs but clocking at over 40 minutes, Head in The Clouds is a dense but accessible jaunt of psychedelic guitar work, lo-fi distortion, and simmering grooves.

Starting with the near 10 minute, tremolo-laden opener “How to Grow Evil Flowers”, the album flows freely between improvised rock music that fluctuates between spectral and gritty.  The title track, in particular, is a thick wall of dreamy shoegaze that is somehow melodically soothing but unsettlingly tense underneath. Throughout its entire duration, the album captures the five-piece vibing in unision at the height of their powers.

Head In the Clouds is available for free streaming and digital purchase at Headroom’s Bandcamp. Vinyl copies of the record can be bought at Trouble In Mind Records’ website.

Listen to Head In The Clouds by Headroom below and on Spotify here.

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