Now Streaming: Fugue Release Instrumental Slow Burner “Sun Got Bit”

Fugue - Sun Got Bit (Single) (2017)

It has been a long time since western, CT instrumental rockers Fugue have released any new music.  Six years this past August (to be exact, but who’s counting?). Last Friday, the band came out of hibernation to announced they would be releasing a new song.

Today, the band has released the new song “Sun Got Bit.”  Stream it above and read the band’s statement below:

After a bit of a hiatus, we decided it was time to test our might and write/record another track together, mostly over the course of a couple days this past summer in Bethel, CT. 

Mother Brother studios helped us transcend time and space to write this wacky song 6 years after our last release for anyone that still might care about us. Although we are grateful, pretty much everything is terrible and we wanted to make sure any money from this could help things for someone somewhere suck a little less. Amidst countless tragedies since the conception of this song, we decided the devastation of Puerto Rico and the neighboring Caribbean islands was one of the causes that could use the most help. 

Help get a few of these people some frickin’ drinking water and pay whatever you want to download this weird song! Also, feel free to educate yourself on what your money will be going towards.

Listen to “Sun Got Bit” by Fugue below:

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