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Hellrazor Go Full Absurdity in Ants Vs. Dragons Video, Play Crunch House This Weekend

While depraved New Haven fuzz rock act released their most recent record Satan Smile back in 2016, they have still been rolling out the music in various videos.  This week, Hellrazor debuted the video for Satan Smile highlight “Ants Vs. Dragons” over at Impose Magazine.  Sijmon Gompers describes the video:

“Hellrazor’s video for “Ants vs. Dragons” revolves around a cat headed individual that lords over the entire endeavor as the band makes an eccentric experience out of their humble space… The rhythm & discord heavy dissonance of Hellrazor maintains their rounds of chanted harmonies where the celebration of ecstatic absurdity makes for a DIY art house experience for all aspects of the senses (and certainly for the most discerning of tastes). “

Hellrazor will be playing Crunch House on 9/23 with No One and the Somebodies, Top Nachos, and Lea.  Event page here.

Listen to Satan Smile by Hellrazor below:

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