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Now Streaming: Jelani Sei – LVNDR TWN EP (2017)

Jelani Sei - LVNDR TWN EP (2017)

CT / NY progressive R&B five-piece Jelani Sei have released their new LVNDR TWN EP for streaming on Bandcamp.  It is also available for purchase at a generous 5.99.  It is the band’s newest release since 2016’s awesome KAARIA EP.

Earlier this year, the band commented:

This year has been incredibly difficult for a majority of us, 

There’s way too much uncertainty in this world and we’ve been stuck in a constant juxtaposition of two binaries, steadily trying to break each other.

This is the idea behind LVNDR TWN.

This EP is a culmination of our journey so far as a band and a reflection on the current ideologies and events in the world around us. Through over a year of writing, recording, rerecording and revising we are pleased to announce and in due time share with you this embodiment of sound.

Jelani Sei will be playing two release shows, one tonight at Dennis in Bloomfield, and one tomorrow at Trans-Pecos in NY with Mal Devisa.

Listen to LVNDR TWN below:

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