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Review: Crag Mask Forge Obsidian Rock On Loom LP

Crag Mask - Loom (2017)

By Dylan Healy – Contributor

Last month, Central CT art-grunge quartet Crag Mask released their excellent debut album, Loom. From the first gnawing notes of “Sleep Eater” to the explosive chaos of the titular closing track, Crag Mask invite you into its post-apocalyptic badlands of anxiety, doubt, and obscured thoughts.

Straying from more conventional songwriting, each track features spidery, intertwining guitar lines and unique structures that shift like tectonic plates beneath listeners. Songs like “Rug Burn” and “Messed” feature shining guitar hooks unwavered by the foreboding blanket of storm clouds approaching above.

Beneath this tempest, vocalist Zack Abramo sings on highlight “Semi Slum” with a grim conviction: “Woke up today / I found myself in a cloud of smoke / footsteps are lingering / I can’t see myself in this place no more” alongside biting guitars, sludge-coated bass licks, and a tight torrent of drums.

Later, on the eponymous closing track, Crag Mask let all hell break loose. “It still looms…” are Abramo’s last words of the record, leaving listeners eerily satisfied. Even after the storm has passed, its visceral impact remains. One questions whether clarity has been achieved or if the lingering obscurity is incessant.

A darkly glazed palette of sounds make up the group’s aptly self-dubbed “villain rock” genre. Crag Mask’s impressive lineup, pulling members of Queen Moo and Vundabar, is accessible enough to accrue strong support throughout the Northeast.

Crag Mask is currently planning for a tour later this year.  Listen to Loom below.

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