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On Repeat: Quiet Giant Continue Winning Streak On Hard Hitting You’re In Heaven EP

Quiet Giant - You're In Heaven EP (2017)

Ever since New Haven singer-songwriter Danielle Capalbo expanded her solo lo-fi outlet to the full-bodied dream pop group Quiet Giant, the band has hit the ground running with their own particular take on indie rock and has never quite stopped. Following the release of their excellent debut Loom, the four-piece has dropped numerous singles (including highlight “Everything”) and has continuously played an impressive amount of shows both in and around CT.

Continuing this prolific streak, Quiet Giant’s new You’re In Heaven EP serves as an opportunity to not just get the seemingly endless influx of new songs out on an as-soon-as-possible basis, but to experiment with influences and try on a few different musical faces.  Here, Capalbo and crew take the winning dream pop formula of Loom and diversify its styles, sometimes embellishing its more blissed out space delay, other times evoking a crunchier, more garage-like tendency. That being said, Quiet Giant further asserts its ability to craft both vocal and guitar hooks that linger a lot longer than the EP’s brief running time.

Opener “Heaven” kickstarts the EP with instantly memorable dueling guitars and punchy distortion that recalls a 90s crunch filtered through a little bit of the gritty NYC post-punk scene in the early aughts.  This grittier version of Quiet Giant lets loose over the next few tracks–look no further than the crashing crescendos of “Wake Up” and the brooding refrains on “What I Know.”  While Capalbo’s breathy vocal usually sits front and center of the music, the muted angst that has permeated her songwriting really escapes on the EP’s hardest hitting song “Outta My Head.”  Final track “Knee of the Curve” is a standout that takes these harder hitting sensibilities and brings back some of lead guitarist Will Touri’s most memorable spectral riffs.

Listen to Quiet Giant’s You’re In Heaven EP below:

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