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Hellrazor Gets Covered In Technicolor Fuzz In New “Covered In Shit” Video


Last week, depraved New Haven fuzz rock act Hellrazor have released the video for their Satan Smile standout “Covered In Shit.”


In an interview with Boston blog Allston Pudding, singer/guitarist Mike Falcone (also of Speedy Ortiz and Ovlov) explains that the video’s distorted visuals were inspired by Melkbelly’s “Elk Mountain”, old Beastie Boys videos, and features scenes sampled from JFK Conspiracy documentaries.

Considering the band’s aesthetic appeal for the damned and depraved, “Covered In Shit” takes a surprisingly technicolor static and juxtaposes it with an ominous guitar strut that carries a simmering anxiety riffing through its verses.  While the band’s intensity is usually filtered through a constant wall of fuzz distortion, there is a weird minimalism here that makes its sudden major chord refrain hit more like neurotic laugh than a reprieve from its general darkness.

When asked what is on the horizon for Hellrazor, Falcone comments that “three cassettes full of new demos were recently completed with hopefully a lot more coming soon.”

Listen to Hellrazor’s Satan Smile below or on Spotify here.

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