Desiket Dogs Offer Abrasive Glimpse Into Mysterious 7108z Ceremony

Desiket Dogs - The 7018z Ceremony

Earlier this year, New Haven noise entity Desiket Dogs released The 7018z Ceremony, a strange and bewildering revelation of amusical cacophony and abrasive textures–supposedly the only known recording of it’s kind.

According to Desiket Dogs’ bandcamp, “To our knowledge, this is the first 7108z Desiket Ceremony to be released for public consumption. Prior, these rituals were private, and generally not recorded. We have been graciously granted express consent to share this recording by The Elder Desiket Chapter #148 (New Haven).”

When pressed to reveal exactly what the nature of these recordings are, as well as more information about the desiket faith (a quick google search unfortunately did not do the trick), the dogs clarified: “The religious nature is not for the purposes of worship, but to mimic paralytic (post-furious) stage a dog experiences when rabid. This state is spiritually essential to us and central to our philosophy.”

Listening to the ritual (its solitary track is broken into four only broken up because of Bandcamp requirements), it is apparent that the Desiket faith indeed evokes these abnormal states. Over the course of near 40 minute runtime, The 7108z Ceremony eschews expectations of earthly human narrative impulses, instead opting for wild non-playing of instruments, disembodied chanting, and discomforting ambiance.

Desiket Dogs is currently working on its unnamed third release. Listen to The 7018z Ceremony below.

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