S.G. Carlson Announces Self-Titled Debut, Shares New Song: Stream


New Haven musician Sam Carlson (of Ports of Spain and Laundry Day) has announced his self-titled debut album, due out May 1st, and has shared its opening track “Pulp.”

According to Carlson, the record was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely by himself (a first for the artist who usually emphasizes heavy collaboration in his other projects) and consists of material written in 2015-2016 between working on new Ports of Spain and Laundry Day releases.

Carlson further comments, “the songs are mostly inspired by little human imperfections, especially disorganization and the destructive use of free time… the kind of things people do in isolation or when they’re lost in internal thoughts.”

Album opener “Pulp” reflects this sentiment, pondering thoughts of a messy room, a messy life, and what lies beyond our trivial day-to-day matters: “Can it be more than a TV screen? / Can it be more than an unmade bed?  / As the sitcom credits roll may we shed a tear.”  Despite these ruminations, Pulp is a cozy song.  As it escalates from its gently strummed acoustic guitars to slight garage pop riffage, one can almost feel the warmth of a nearby fireplace and a cup of tea as the hustle and bustle of the outside world remains far away and mysterious.

Carlson will be playing a release show for the new record at Cafe Nine on May 1st (Event Page Here).  Listen to Pulp above and check out the album art and tracklisting for S.G. Carlson’s self-titled debut below.

sg carlson


  1. Pulp
  2. In Search Of Lost Time
  3. Cellar Door
  4. The Narcissist
  5. How I Got Fat While Living Skinny
  6. Knee Scrapes
  7. Cathedral Spire
  8. The Bachelor
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