James A. M. Downes Releases Sunny And Sublime “Prison Font” EP: Listen


James A. M. Downes (best known here as one half of the original songwriting team of CT indie-emo stalwarts Call It Arson) has released his new EP, Prison Font on Bandcamp.

According to Downes’ Bandcamp page: “One time this snake pit of a lady spit on me in a Manhattan subway station. Another time I got lucky and married a hopelessly wonderful girl in my hometown of Old Saybrook, CT. In a fever, I’ve been repeatedly trying to write my favorite song all my life. The only tattoo I have is my deceased dog’s name written in Old English across my shoulders. I cried and cried. I have no idea how, but I haven’t been arrested yet. The soundtracks to Homeward Bound and Jurassic Park changed my life. Then The Beatles did. Then Weezer did.

If you’re reading this, I imagine you’re trying to decide whether you give a shit about the music my friends and I have created. In the end, it’s up to you. But if you enjoy musical stories of naked insecurity and self-reflection/depreciation in the service of getting someone to crack a little smile, then I think I have half a chance.”

Listening to Prison Font, it is clear that the passion and pop-sensibility that has driven Downes’ songwriting since his earlier musical endeavors still burns bright. Ranging from the sunny and self-deprecating power pop on “Bait My Soul”, to the folk-rock stomp of “Restless Ones”, to the sublime a.m. radio crooning of its title track, there is a diverse bit of style hopping between these songs, and Downes’ voice has never sounded better.

Listen to Prison Font below:

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