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Watch Bilge Rat Skate Philly, Set A Robot On Fire In Their New “Orb the Horse” Video


Last month, New Haven art-grunge band Bilge Rat released Pop Song, the first single off their upcoming self-titled album, due out March 24th.

On Monday, they released the video for the their second preview of the new album, “Orb The Horse” via Northern Transmissions.

While “Orb The Horse” still features Bilge Rat’s knack for jagged guitar riffage and complex song structures, it is one of the group’s first releases that slightly hints at some sunnier major chord progressions.  Of course, as if the band realized that these almost upbeat, almost major sounds were too much out of their music’s typically abnormal nature, they decided to compliment it with a strange video of a skating robot that gets set on fire at the end.  It’s a shame, we were just kind of starting to like the dude.

Bilge Rat is currently on tour.  Watch them play a new song in our Found Footage and listen to their first release, Townie Garbage, below:

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