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Queen Moo’s Prickly Anthem “Cactus Romantic” Is As Elusive As It Sounds


If you have seen Hartford’s Queen Moo play around New England at all, you have either seen them play their prickly indie rock anthem “Cactus Romantic” or wondered why they hadn’t.

Another question that might have crossed a few minds is: “What the heck is a cactus romantic?”

One of the first songs to appear following the dissolution of the principal member’s predecessor band, Two Humans, “Cactus Romantic” is the kind of song that Queen Moo has been asked enough about to respond “no comment” with exceptional fatigue.

Of course, this kind of interest wouldn’t be warranted if the song wasn’t also dope as hell.

Starting with the abruptness of kicking a door open and a memorable refrain: “Cactus romantic most of the time / I don’t wanna get married baby / come on and touch my SPIIIIIIINE”, the band rattles in a dust cloud of opposing forces and vocals for a brief but inventive two and a half minutes.  The speaker of the song is a strange one, and its weirdness is only heightened by  dual vocals, doubled vocals, and multi-part rhythm shifts.

Listen to “Cactus Romantic” below and watch Queen Moo perform their self-titled album standout “Don’t Think I Do” in our Found Footage:

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