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On “Can I Stand It?”, Cellar Smellar entered post-collegiate life on a cliffhanger


Cellar Smellar was (is?) the garage punk side project of the macabre Hartford collective only known as The Amphibious Man.  Having only a solitary release, Goodbye College, Cellar Smellar functioned as a less ghastly and more plaid wearing outlet of the group’s suburban angst.

Written over the course of sophomore to senior year at University of Hartford and recorded by Cam Boucher of Sorority Noise in the weeks around final exams,  Goodbye College captures a perfect snapshot of all the stress and anxiety of the impending real world following graduation.

While all of the songs share these similar themes, it’s the EP’s final track, “Can I Stand It?”, that most strongly resonates its dread, ending the record on a literal question mark cliffhanger: “Will I get rich and sell out?  / Will I give my life, to things I believe? / When it’s all on the line, can I stand it? Will I stand it?”

Listen to “Can I Stand It?” by Cellar Smellar below:

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