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On Repeat: Bread Pilot – What Do You Think That Bird? (2017)


Southbury, CT’s Bread Pilot have released What Do You Think That Bird?, the follow up EP to their still awesome self-titled debut.

A huge development on multiple levels, What Do You Think That Bird? takes the slowcore and 60s tinged garage rock of the band’s first record and refines its finer qualities, raising the bar on songwriting, production, performance, and just the overall ambition of the whole project.  

While Bread Pilot’s first album sounded like the loose-limbed product of five bodies in a room extending basic song sketches into sprawling guitar jams, WDYTTB sounds meticulously crafted, each added layer of instrumentation arranged to have a certain effect.  

Opener and de facto single, “Munkee”, cool and confidently shows off this increase in musical invention. Boasting a newfound low-end presence and one of the band’s most immediate hooks, the song sways and stomps in a way that was not present before. Instead of opting for a more conventional verse-chorus approach, the band rides these rhythms out, expanding seemingly simple structures with strong harmonies and occasional strings.

As each song unfolds, the EP floats away further and further from its grounded structures. “City” quite literally sings “she floats out of her body” and “in the night our souls could meet and float right out of sight / for all we know” as if returning back to earth is increasingly not an option. By the time the album reaches its lethargic closer “Spiderhand”, the band has gone full ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space, and slowly disintegrates into the sky.

Listen to What Do You Think That Bird? by Bread Pilot below:

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