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The Hempsteadys’ Live At Cafe Nine Reminds Us Ska Shows Are Superior


New London, CT ska band The Hempsteadys have released a live EP of their 2/14/17 set at Cafe Nine in New Haven and it reminds us as fans of general indie rock that ska shows still reign supreme in the underground show circuit.

A short but sweet run, Live at Cafe Nine features two new cuts, “When Dead Are Undead”, The Clash referencing “Rudy From The Streets”, and “Bela Lugosi’s Ghost” from their 2015 release, El Amor De Los Muertos.  

Listening to the three tracks, one can easily get the impression that The Hempsteadys would be playing with the same level of energy whether it was in front of a packed house or no one at all, but it is all too clear that Cafe Nine is the captive audience in this session (There is a particularly memorable moment where singer Andy Carey reminds New Haven that zombies, presumably, are coming for their flesh).  Fortunately, this particular snapshot can be shared with both fans of ska and those just looking to catch a high from the energy of a live set.

Listen to The Hempsteadys Live At Cafe Nine below:

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