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On Repeat: Bilge Rat – “Pop Song” (2017)

Bilge Rat - Bilge Rat LP (2017)

New Haven art grunge act Bilge Rat have released their discordant new single, “Pop Song” in advance of their new self-titled record, due out March 24th. (Pre-order here.)

Anything but one, “Pop Song” is a freakish series of steps through haunted vignettes and jarring guitar-work.  Starting with a soft stepped dirge of a riff, the song slowly escalates into some kind of distorted mania. Principal songwriter and frontman Mike Kusek proves a versatile vocalist, sleepwalking through bad dreams while the song shifts through equally disjointed scenes of both angular and pummeling riffage.

After its final crescendos, the song once again revisits that same hypnotic funeral march like a creature slowly marching back to the abyss from where it came.

Listen to “Pop Song”  below:


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