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Post-Punk Revival: Pleasure Beach – Singles (2016)


Hailing from Middletown, CT, Pleasure Beach pays homage to 80s alternative with excellent results.  

Over the course of 2016, the band has released two pairs of singles, Pleasure Beach and Vol.2. Both collections complement each other well, all four songs reflecting the group’s knack for using that 80s mope-rock template as a springboard to create their own memorable melodies and choruses.  

Despite a bouncing rhythm section and upbeat jangle of the guitars, each song embodies the spirit of a hopeless romantic caught between relationships like a rose in its teeth. This tension can be seen in post-punk revivals “I Am Not the 1” and “Curse to Call”, where one chorus is pushing away “I am not the one to get close to” only to immediately turn around and say “I can’t ignore you.”

On overall highlight, “How Real” the band strikes a balance between an indie rock aesthetic with a legitimate pop sensibility that could sit comfortably on the soundtrack to 24 Hour Party People and a classic John Hughes film at the same time–in the best possible way.

Listen to Pleasure Beach below:

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