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Post-Hardcore Premiere: Mineva – “Annually” (2017)


Central, CT post-hardcore outfit Mineva have shared “Annually”, the first single from their upcoming debut EP Precious, Endless, due out 2/17.

Featuring members of Loner Chic, Milkshakes, nd Setsuna, Mineva sounds like a highly formidable incarnation of seasoned musicians that already know how to match the physical might of a live show with dynamic sonic arrangements. Expanding upon the classic emo and hardcore of those projects, Mineva breaks from tried and true song structure with earthy and spectral post-rock movements.

A fitting introduction to the band, “Annually” is four minutes of jagged spiritual catharsis and pummeling elemental highs and lows. Despite the fiery intensity of the music, the band easily weathers the storm of their sound, vocalist Kevin Covill screaming over the cymbals like waves crashing, the guitar and rhythm section commanding the power of plate tectonics.

The only respite of the song serves as the emotional eye of the storm: an empowering revelation that leads to anthemic outro: “it’s only fear that’s speaking back to me / year after year / I just want you to be happy.”

Check out the artwork and tracklisting for the Precious, Endless EP below.  Preorder it here.

16523509_10212023908212423_791127769_o (1).jpg

Precious, Endless EP

  1. Annually
  2. Harper
  3. No Words
  4. bluesummers (the end with you)


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