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Lo-Fi Boombox: Pools Are Nice – “Now You’re Everyone’s Sweetheart” (2017)


Orange, CT lo-fi fuzz act Pools Are Nice have released their raucous new single “Now You’re Everyone’s Sweetheart” on Bandcamp.

Like the band’s previous highlights, “Sweetheart” is a gritty garage anthem that filters a morbid pop sensibility through a thick wall of punchy distortion. Starting like a sudden pulse of anxiety, the song abruptly marches through modern feelings of death, debt, and loneliness–only to make way to an over the top hurrah of a chorus that can’t decide whether it’s celebrating or in crisis.

Despite the gloomy desperation that permeates the narrative of the track, the alt-rock drive of the rhythm and upbeat vocals could almost be mistaken as optimism: at least there’s still love in the face of death.

Listen to “Now You’re Everyone’s Sweetheart” below:

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