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Bonus Track: Ourselves, Alone – “Trangulls” (2016)


Released as a bonus track a few months after Ourselves, Alone’s brief but highly formidable Covet EP, “Trangulls” feels like a fitting extension to the young band’s first forays into the realm of guitar-driven math rock.

Like most of the Covet EP, “Trangulls” is a jagged composition of varying tones and styles–one of those songs that shouldn’t work because it has so many different parts and rhythms, but does.

A large part of the song’s success is attributed to the band’s technical ability to keep things interesting.  While earlier highlight “Pepper & Paprika” benefited from its meticulous construction, “Trangulls” reflects more of the joy of spontaneous experimentation.  The starts and stops here sound with more of an off the cuff “because we can” muscle flexing. The sudden inclusion of a buzzy, treble-y keyboard has a willing “because why not?” impulsiveness.

The final stretch is triumphant call to arms when a solitary hi-hat comes out of all the cut and pasted riffage to generate the song’s first real open drive, an atmospheric and punkish finale.

Listen to “Trangulls” below:

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