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On Repeat: Ourselves, Alone – COVET EP (2016)


A more than proficient execution of math rock, Ourselves, Alone’s Covet EP is a promising debut from the young New Haven band.  At a mere 4 tracks (non-album single Trangulls is only on the cassette release), the band covers a considerable amount of sonic ground and hits upon all the classic trademarks of what makes good math rock tick.

While guitar is obviously the weapon of choice here, each song exercises its own taste of mood and distortion.  “Intro” serves it’s purpose in setting the tone–or many tones of the record.  Starting with a light and airy sunrise of a riff, the song quickly escalates into a full on swell of warm, sun-soaked reverb. Like that tranquil part of the morning, it is over and gone before you know it.

Standing in sharp contrast, highlight “Pepper and Paprika” opens with a muted tension–only to rip through about 5 different mini movements before converging into sonic aerial warfare of indistinct shapes and textures.  “Scam Slam!” follows in similar fashion, but replaces the outright alt-rock of “Pepper” with a spazzy jazz staccato. Finishing with the breezy and bouncing escapade “Staple Steve” (what a strange title), the EP closes on a light note that feels a beachside drive.

Ourselves, Alone is currently working on a follow-up to the COVET EP.  Hopefully they can continue to harness the same feeling of meaningful improvisation alongside meticulous mathy composition.

Listen to the Covet EP below:

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