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On Repeat: Quiet Giant – “Everything” (2017)


Released only a few days after the new year, Quiet Giant‘s new b-side “Everything” starts off as a flicker of bedroom pop and escalates into a triumphant revelation of ethereal lo-fi.  Opening the song with a fragile breath, singer songwriter Danielle Capalbo juxtaposes her smallest voice with empowering words: “Once you know your power, they cannot take it back.”  This statement reverberates throughout the song and slowly picks up steam as Capalbo and crew begin building space and tension greater than the room around them.

While the group’s excellent debut benefited from exceptionally strong production and arrangements, “Everything” is surprisingly loose and live sounding.  By the end of the song, when that fragile breath evolves into a life-affirming chant: “You get to be everything”, one could almost hear the entire band realizing the same new year’s resolution at once.

Listen Below:

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