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Retro Review: Jacket Thor – Blood Songs (2015)


There are numerous ways a singer-songwriter can hook in potential fans. Some have a way with lyrics, some have a particular vocal timbre, some thrive on their ability to create a specific mood, and others are able to come off as incredibly sincere and genuine while they’re doing it. Fortunately, for New Haven, CT resident Ryan Kalentowski, who performs under the name Jacket Thor, he has all of these factors in his favor.

A mostly acoustic affair, Jacket Thor’s 2015 release “Blood Songs”, is gentle retrospective that is subtly powerful in it’s melodies and soft imagery. On the surface level, it may be easy to misinterpret these as simply sad acoustic songs, but that is not the case here. Kalentowski’s hushed tone is often more relaxed and meditative, therapeutic even, as if he has since braved the storms he sings of a long time ago.  It is on standout “Greet Me”, that Jacket Thor captures another emotion often missing from so much indie rock these days: Joy.

Definitely Check Out: “Anniversary” ,”Blood Songs” “Greet Me”

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